Can anyone identify these gentlemen?

Frederick Blacknell – my great-grandfather is in the 2nd row from the back, 3rd from the right.

He’s the oldest man there – he was born in 1867 in Calverton, Nottinghamshire and spent quite a lot of time in Ruabon, Denbighshire.

  • Can anyone guess his age?
  • Can anyone date the clothing?
  • What are those men holding? Musical instruments? One appears to have a drum around his neck.
Frederick Blacknell (2nd row from the back, 3rd from right)

By Paul Blacknell

I’ve been researching my genealogy since 1988 when I started interviewing my eldest relatives. Although my primary focus has leant towards the Blacknells (and spelling variants), I've also uncovered many Quigleys, Freers & Colhouns. So far my family history can be traced back to 1730 in Calverton, Nottinghamshire.

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