Condolence Book

We’ve tried to collect as many of the kind messages sent by friends and family when dad passed away. If you’d like to send us a message to be included please do contact us.

David was such a genial, amusing and kind man, with integrity

Malcolm & Jane

A kind man with a good sense of humour. You will be missed.


I had known David for many many years in Westminster Press but it was after I moved to the London office that I came fully to appreciate his capabilities and got to know him as a friend. He seemed to have a complete command of his job and was always immensely supportive to me. I owe him so much for which I am very grateful.

Hew Stevenson

In memory of a great colleague at Westminster Press and of many enjoyable lunches that David organised for us in retirement.

David Green

In fond memory of a lovely man and long term friend

Val, Laurence & Jon Gill

When I think of David, he is grinning and happy. I can recall Christmas and Easter occasions when he had us all laughing

Dorothy Swan

I will always remember his kindness when Roger died

Maureen, Clifton & family

A friendly, kind and considerate person, whose passing will be a great loss to the many people who knew him

Beryl Francis

We think constantly of David – indeed our “very best man”

Jan & Mick Leverton

David has fought so valiantly for such a long time and cared for Gretta (“her hero”) and kept it all to himself. He was a very brave man and such a gentleman.

Sheila Priestman

We will miss him and his dry humour. Hope he finds good currant buns at the Press Club in the Sky

Don & Marion Briggs

Your father was a special man, who will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him. He was always very kind to me and I feel privileged to have known him

Eileen Wallis

You did us proud on our wedding day [60 years ago] with your best man duties. Both you and Gretta were always such good company

Sheila & Brian Mayfield

It was a privilege to join you online for your dad’s thanksgiving service. I feel like I’ve benefited from his life too, in enjoying your friendship and all you are because of him.

Andy Coombe

He was very engaging of ten year old me through to forty year old me

Mark (nephew)

What a remarkable man he was. The tributes painted a beautiful picture of a kind, resilient, life affirming man. A life well lived and a wonderful  legacy that he leaves in your families.

Sonia Beetlestone

John loved working at Westminster Press so that’s a big thank you to David for introducing him. When John died, David came to see me.  He was so helpful and kind and I’m sure it was he who was instrumental in the company continuing to help financially when Alex, my son, carried on with his MA. 


In one of the tributes, when his appetite was mentioned, it reminded me of the time he came out of his office with a box of Mars bars and handed them to me, saying something like, “I’m definitely going to stick to my diet this time!” 

Celia Nunn